I really don't know whose bright idea it was to NBA 2K21 MT shoot Dwight Howard's Evo that represents and model it with the blonde hair after his 1 year Lakers look. I don't even care if they monetise it. I really don't mind paying 3k to modify my Kareem to some bald KAJ wearing goggles out of his appearance that is GOAT. As long as the monetising is not to shift but to get the skin (meaning I'm not paying 3k to shift it back to its default, like the damn MyCareer haircuts in 2K19).

Currently only Brooklyn's City Court (and possibly one or two others that I can't recall) can be triggered by wearing the City uniforms. Does this operate only if it is a home uniform. As a Utah fan I'd like to have the city courtroom of Utah. 2K needs to bring these courts into MyTeam in the manner which you can trigger them in MyCareer. Currently it will show the Points, Assists and Rebounds of this player you're currently controlling along with futile grades (A- etc) in categories that I do not even remember since they're useless to the purpose of amnesia.

All these needs to be customisable. Get rid of the category grades and expand to Cheap MT 2K21 blocks, steals and 3's. Allow 6 stats and permit us to select them. This is significant during evo's. Sometimes you want a triple double with a PG and want to know how many steals you have without visiting the box score.This should not be limited to a selected team lineup. This ought to be chosen directly from My Collection, since I'm trying out/shooting around with a single card at a time.