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    How to be a professional programmer

    Passion for programming
    The field of programming is considered one of the most important areas in which it is possible to obtain a place in the labor market in our time, and this demand comes due to the tendency of most types of businesses and industries to digital technology, and the passion and desire to learn programming is one of the most important things that the person who wants should have. Starting with this field, as this makes him dedicated and diligent to reach his desired goal of being a professional programmer, so the field of programming needs such passion to be able to stay for long hours in front of the computer without tiring or boredom.

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    Choose the domain and programming language
    The novice programmer must determine the type of programming field that he wants to go to, whether it is the field of application programming, the web, or even artificial intelligence programming, or other different programming fields, then the appropriate programming language should be chosen for this field. Each programming domain has a language that is considered more appropriate than others, and in addition to that it is recommended to learn one of the versatile programming languages ​​that are compatible to work with many fields. As a Python programming language.

    Possess basic skills
    A person who wants to become a programming professional must possess a set of basic skills that will facilitate learning to code; This includes: scientific skills, so that he has knowledge in the basics of computer science, mathematics, and logic, in addition to personal skills; As a problem-solving skill, and a social communication skill with others; Software projects require the programmer to communicate with the owners of these projects. To understand the needs and aspirations they want in the required projects

    Start learning programming
    Starting to learn the required programming language is one of the most important steps towards professionalism, and this can be done by enrolling in a college or university, or in an online institute for distance learning, and it is worth noting that obtaining a university degree in the field of programming is not considered necessary

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    Indeed, working in this field requires more programming skills than a specialized scientific degree, and programming can be studied on its own through various sources of knowledge, and it is important when learning a programming language on its own or through the Internet to obtain a certificate recognized by programming companies or other bodies Because the certificate proves that the holder has good skill in the relevant field of programming.

    Keep up with programming technology and continuous learning
    It is imperative for the programmer to keep abreast of everything new in the field of programming, by studying any new developments that occur in programming languages, programs, and compatible devices to work on them.

    As programming skills must continue to be developed, and not stopping at a certain level of knowledge, so the programmer is advised to review what he creates of programs, and try to improve and develop them, and in addition to this it is important that the programmer is clear with himself about his programming capabilities, by realizing the skills that distinguish And skills that need to be acquired or improved

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    Writing the program in the best way

    The programmer is a professional when he is able to write his program in the best way, so that it is with the speed and efficiency necessary to achieve the required specifications, and the cleanliness of the program is very important; Which refers to the ability of others to read the program and use it again, or even the ability of the programmer himself to read the program after writing it

    لغة HTML لغة HTML اختصاراً لـِ (HyperText Markup Language)، أيّ لغة ترميز النص التشعبي، تُعد من أهم الأدوات استخداماً في مجال برمجة وتصميم المواقع الإلكترونية، حيث يُمكن من خلالها تصميم المواقع الإلكترونية المُختلفة لتظهر بطريقة جذابة عند استعراضها خلال أحد مُتصفحات الويب، حيث تُعنى بعملية إضافة النصوص، والصور، والفيديوهات، والجداول، وغير ذلك للموقع، وتنسيقها،[٨] وتُستخدم بحيث تتضمن أوامرها البرمجية التنسيق المُناسب بين محتويات الموقع الظاهرة للمستخدم، كما يُمكن من خلالها إنشاء روابط تشعبية تنقل المُستخدِم إلى أي موقع أو صفحات ويب أخرى عند النقر عليها

    How To Become A Programmer

    لغة CSS لغة CSS اختصاراً لـِ (Cascading Style Sheets)، وتعني أوراق الأنماط المُتتالية، وهي إحدى اللغات التصميمية التي تُعنى بتحسين مظهر صفات الـ HTML التي يعمل عليها المُبرمج، حيث تُستخدم للتحكُم بالصور والألوان بخلفية الموقع، وألوان النصوص الظاهرة على الموقع، ونوع الخط، وحجمه، وطريقة عرض الفقرات، بالإضافة إلى طريقة عرض الجداول بما في ذلك عرض الأعمدة، والصفوف، وتنسيقها، وألوانها، وعرض الحدود، وتنسيقها، وتمتاز هذه اللغة بسهولة تعديلها، وتعدُد أنماطها، وسماتها التي يُمكن استخدامها عبر الموقع

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    Cevap: How to be a professional programmer

    Right, any future developer should choose first the programming language they want to work with. For instance, I recommend working with MATLAB like I do here as MATLAB homework help is in high demand lately. However it is for you to decide what to start with.

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    Cevap: How to be a professional programmer

    I like viewing web sites which comprehend the price of delivering the excellent useful resource free of charge. I truly adored reading your posting. Thank you!

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