WOW Classic Renataki is one of the Edge of Madness's bosses, which is currently available to defeat. While fighting with Renataki, you need to watch out for his Vanish ability that may deal lots of damage to you. And more tips for killing Renataki are introduced below along with his loots.

Tips to kill WOW Classic Renataki in Edge of Madness

You can defeat Renataki rogue boss during Edge of Madness event now. But when fighting against him, you have to focus on his Vanish ability. Vanish allows Renataki to enter in Stealth. And Renataki can be able to emerge and Ambush a random person, which can deal 128 to 192 damage and possibly one-shotting Cloth classes.
In order to prevent Ambush, you'd better find him with AOE abilities to break Renataki's Stealth. And you can use Hunter and Warlock pets to look for Renataki easily although Renataki is in Stealth.

Drops of WOW Classic Renataki in Edge of Madness

Once you defeat WOW Classic Renataki in Zul'Gurub in Edge of Madness event, you will be able to loot his drops, such as:
1. Pitchfork of Madness: attack power (against Demons) polearm
2. Renataki's Soul Conduit: spell power/Mp5 one-handed sword
3. Renataki's Tooth: Zul'Gurub trinket item

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