This section deals with three assumptions which should be taken into account by everyone who is trying to get an notion of OSRS gold what the new ability is... The first premise is that the new skill is for the two F2P and P2P (see evidence for second assumption ). The second assumption is that the new ability is based on the key gameplay mechanic of the cancelled micro-transactional MMO ThirdScape, meaning that whatever new ability is it might need to work well as a gameplay dynamic supporting an entire MMO. Evidence (RSOF QF 13-14-746-60289341, Mod MMG Q&A, query by The 39th Guy + MechScape Post #30 + statements similar to this ):

To Mod MMG: You some time mentioned this about Thirdscape:"We're actually working on a completely different game mechanic. I can not give away, but it might be an whole game in its own right, or merely a skill, or even possibly, that understands [laughs]. That will be for free and members. However, yeah, that needs to be this season hopefully, needs to be awesome though. I don't wish to give away it though since it is really exciting and nobody has done it so we are kind of keeping that one close to our chest.

"Basically, this was going to be our 2010 match -- we were going to buy RS gold create another game -- but we said, this just ties in so well with"RuneScape" and it's trendy, the community could enjoy this, so let's not make it another game, let's just put this at the game." Which are the current plans about this?