What bothers me is they could have fixed this at anytime over the last console generation and have refused to. "This can be something fans have wanted for years" by stating that they're acknowledging that they know what we want and have intentionally refused to actually do it. It is ridiculous that it took multiple viral anti-EA social networking campaigns along with a 0 metacritic score to allow them to provide us the bare minimum we desired. EAs higher ups are messing with shit that surely makes it challenging, but contemplating the devs behavior throughout all this I do not think that's the issue anymore, I believe Clint needs to answer for Mut 21 coins this shitshow. We all joked about how it was copy paste for many years but it hasn't really become a reality until Clint took over the show. There's no shortage of information, EA has all of the information they could ever need to improve madden yet they continue to ignore it.

Hell we say they spend all their time on MUT, but how much does MUT actually change year to year at a fundamental level? I do not understand these devs do all year. You are working from home, why do these simple upgrades take 3 weeks to discharge? Oh that's right it is cause you spend the majority of your time and resources on fucking MUT. It is clear they are feeling the pressure from the community and they have seen all the terrible reviews, but they nevertheless don't give a fuck. Just tell us this year is a wash already. I think that it's more like 8 months to make Madden. I truly want that EA would do exactly what Activision did CoD and bring in another studio or two so that they have more time to spend on the game. Imagine how great of a match that had 3 or 4 years of development would be.

And that's a good idea but I am convinced its yet to occur due to greed and money. Even with all of the hate EA gets, they create a fuck ton off their matches. They will need to expand the development group or just create MUT its own separate thing. I also really wish these big madden YouTubers would stop ripping packs in movies. That only makes folks, like myself, want to go rip some packs. It has a very negative trickle down impact. Or only upgrade the current iteration with new roster updates/franchise upgrades for 10 dollars a year or something. Idk. Anything else than that which were currently becoming. They might but that also would not fix how broken it's gameplay is. I remember when I first played Madden 20 I thought hey that is way better than last years afterward like after a week or 2 it just seemed like the code had been breaking down bugs and glitches began emerging.

Yeah. Despite the fully unjustifiable bonuses EA does seem to actually care about their workers unlike Activision-Blizzard who barely pay their workers. It is either 8 or 10 months to make it. I understand they function like nonstop to create it then take time off then return to it. I concur, in my mind they get zero credit for placing back things they took themselves out. I didn't maintain what was happening. Eventually I got 19 because it came out for PC and I fucking wut confronted at its franchise style. Lmao these are things I'd expect to be added right now, you are telling me I would have to wait until November for them? I guess it coincides with their planned launch for the next gen madden; however pitiful to do this to present gen buyers.

It will take them 5 months to have put an upgrade that adds participant background to their stats screen. Let's just say for a minute that the real devs at EA are not poor, but the higher ups and executives are. How small resources must they have, or how ungodly broken is the code that it takes this longterm? It makes you think. That is what scares me. If it takes them FIVE months to bring the tiniest of attributes, zero chance Madden 22 is gont possess anything big of an update to franchise . It's gont require them 5 years to really have an authentic big change into franchise. Eh, they built Yard in annually. And in addition they have fleshed out Face of the company or whatever the shit is called over like 3 years. I believe that they can at re-build franchise then add on in enormous doses over the buy Madden nfl 21 coins subsequent 3 years.