Beidou navigation system and application development opportunities Autos Articles | July 9 Wholesale James Neal Jersey , 2012
?The meeting was presided over by Dr Association executive vice president and secretary general Tony former military, he said in his speech, the Association, and strive to accurately grasp the develop...

?The meeting was presided over by Dr Association executive vice president and secretary general Tony former military, he said in his speech, the Association, and strive to accurately grasp the development direction of the satellite navigation and location-based services as an intermediary organizations, leading enterprises to develop the industry forward direction Wholesale Johnny Gaudreau Jersey , the Asia-Pacific region end-user sharing of information between decision makers and relevant international bodies, to promote domestic enterprises and the marriage of the Asia-Pacific business community to explore cooperation and exchange of innovative ideas, the binding mode to enhance the impact of the the Beidou industry in the region. Expression of the sustainable development of the Global Positioning System technology Association is willing to cooperate with the administrative department of the Asia-Pacific countries and social groups, to build co-operation and exchange platform for the academia, the user community, industry, and jointly promote the Beidou satellite navigation system in the Asia-Pacific region further enhance the application.

????At the opening ceremony, Singapore Economic Development Board Mr.GIANYI-HSEN speech Cheap Michael Frolik Jersey , he believes that the Global Positioning System Technical Application Association to go abroad for the first time the election to be held in Singapore from the strong and friendly bilateral relations of two countries. Singapore to remain neutral on the Spatial Strategy has a strong strength of the satellite ground receiving equipment manufacturers and regional trade environment, provide opportunities for the development of satellite navigation and location-based services. Beidou satellite navigation system to provide services to the Asia-Pacific region, will dig out the socio-economic value, a few days ago, a stone's throw 12,13 Beidou Double Star satellite successfully into orbit by 2020 to achieve global coverage, the Asia-Pacific Region entrepreneurs, experts will have car cameras and car dvr more extensive cooperation in space. Finally Cheap Noah Hanifin Jersey , he hoped that the organizers and participants to establish a good business relationship, and seize the opportunities of the Beidou navigation system and application development.

????Singapore Land Chief Department Dr.VictorKhoo, Dr. Singapore GNSS infrastructure construction, Mr.RichardGoh Singapore, the development of location-based services ". And core Star (Beijing) Co., Ltd. CEO Dr. Han Shaowei the Dongfanghong Corporation president Yan Zhongwen, the Huanghai Hui of Beijing United Si Zhuang, Vice President Cheap Mike Smith Jersey , respectively, to do a paper entitled "the Beidou chip receiver," Compass The report of the navigation business development ideas and build location services Beidou everywhere ". Zheng Qi, vice president Wang Kanghong Beijing hypergraph Software Co., Ltd., chairman of Beijing the Ogi through IT Co., Ltd., easy to map (Beijing) Co. Cheap Elias Lindholm Jersey , Ltd., deputy general manager Liu Zhiyong, Soft Star Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Yang Jian in Hangzhou, Guangzhou record to win Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the Beidou navigation system in the location-based services, embedded technology Cheap Travis Hamonic Jersey , and popular application solutions do a detailed report. As early as 2010, the car has been published is the TOYOTA Prius models modified from the built-in GPS positioning, real camera shoot instant calculus, optical positioning ranging sensors, radar sensors, and Google related to information collection. After a large number of experiments to prove the car is currently on the road, but traveling in case of driver accompanied, so we will not see the scene of the unmanned vehicle on the road.

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