t ��s been a long time since my family went for a walk together. Before, we used to go together, but now, the family walks on the road, and it ��s more serious and unfamiliar. Since going to junior high school, my life has changed dramatically and my homework has gradually changed Cigarettes Online. With more and more, the tempo began to accelerate, and the exams became more frequent. Every day, early in the morning and late at home, staying up all night to review homework, squeezing time to write homework ... It made me tormented. Now, I used to have enviable results, and even in junior high school began to be in crisis, making me panic. However, no matter what, I still stubbornly moved forward slowly, climbing a day after dinner with a dream, my dad took our family out for a walk, and it was surprisingly quiet along the way. No one talked, they were all mechanical Walking on foot. After a while, my mother suddenly asked me formulaically: "Have you finished your homework today?" "Hmm ..." "What about the wrong book?" "..." OK, "How about the exam?" " Okay ... "I was startled, then cold. Before, my mother always whispered and asked me if I was happy? What happened to the school? Why is it so cold and direct now! I was a little sad, tears almost fell out. At this moment, my father said: "Let's go to Mingyue Lake!" He couldn't help but hesitated, my mother and I ran towards Mingyue Lake. When I came to the lake, my dad picked up a stone, threw it hard, and "whouted", the stone turned like a spinning gyro on the surface of the lake, and it flew to the opposite side, making me suddenly think of martial arts There is a magical skill in the play, "Floating on Water." I also picked up a piece with great enthusiasm, and threw it hard, oh, what's "drifting on the water", directly "sinking in the water". My mother was interested. Similarly, she threw her hands and the stones did not go out. The man almost fell into the river and sat on the ground with one butt. We all laughed, smiling brightly and cheerfully, the bursts of laughter echoed in the air for a long time, and then we went to the bridge to watch the scenery again Newport 100S, a gust of wind blew away the sad clouds in our hearts, took After a cool day, it gradually darkened, and took away the last touch of red in the sky mokingusacigarettes.com. We were all very tired, but we were very happy. I hope that time will slow down and stay the same.
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