Every bit of life makes us feel a lot. With my own thoughts and understandings, I have accumulated a certain life experience and understood some truths. These bits and pieces have made unusual changes to our ideals. In our lives, there are many people who change us, and one of their actions may become a person's heart. On a hot summer day, the sun is shining like a person, I play with a friend in a park, the sun is hanging high in the sky, we are riding a bicycle, the weather is really hot, the asphalt road is The sun is hot, and the car goes over, making people worOn weekends, when my parents go out, I will leave me alone at home. The afternoon time is always quiet and beautiful. The autumn sun leans out of the window and enters the house, giving this quiet time a little warmth. In silence, I only think that this sunshine is the only communication with the outside world Marlboro Red. Others, as if Isolated. Inside the house, the thin writing sound "sand" sounded, feeling the boundless loneliness, I put down the pen in my hand and turned to look out the window. The outside is sunny and the world is covered with a gold coat. I looked at the sky quietly, watching the unpredictable clouds in the air drifting, as if looking for its destination. How wide is the sky! Even if the cloud is in it, it never reaches the border. In fact, life is not the case, the ever-changing cloud, like an unknown life, who knows what kind of things will happen in the next second, and where to go. I watched as the sun moved westward, and the afterglow of the setting sun dipped the clouds a little bit until they were stained with colorful colors. The world is dyed witd, the children were very happy and excited. Wearing new clothes, every little child, the little face of Hung Hom is filled with joy and happiness, as well as joy. They are especially easy to satisfy, happy and happy. Like a honey ry that the tires will explode. However, it may be that the car was pressed to a small stone, and the car tire was blown up. The friend immediately stopped and went with me. The sun was shining even harder. I let my friends go first. I slowly went home. But he insisted on staying. I walked with my friend in the car. After a while, a young man saw me, smiled and helped us, and told us there was a repair shop there Carton Of Cigarettes. We hurriedly thanked. After a while, I saw a car repair shop. We rushed over. The owner of the car repair shop was an old man. It looked like it was over half a year old, his hair was white, and his kindness was revealed in his eyes. Even his beard was white. There was a worn cap on top of the head, and there was a black shirt on his body, and his hands were full of old dirt. The old man saw me eagerly asked: "What's wrong, is the tire exploded?" I nodded and said yes Newport Cigarettes. The old man skillfully took the car, put the car upside down, put the tires into the water, patched, loaded the tires, and cheered, in one go, it seems that God was moved by the old man's enthusiasm, the sun is not hot. The old man gave me the repaired car. I hurriedly said thank you and asked how much money. The old man smiled and said no, this is what I should do. Since then, I have also understood that to be as optimistic as the elderly, there must be a helpful and energetic heart.
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