Former Indonesian singer who was found guilty and convicted of sexualเว็บสล็อต XO ฝาก-ถอน TRUE WALLET ไม่มีขั้นต่ำharassment Playing slots by receiving free credits from the web service providers that offer them Suitable for newbies who want to try out the game. Want to make extra money by playing slots games. In addition, having to create experiences, techniques, expertise in playing It is important to make it easier for you to profit from playing. And effective, can read more slots articles on our website to lay a good foundation for betting. causing outrage across the country After he appeared in various TV shows many many items After being released from prison earlier this month

One complaint asked Ceful Jamil to be removed from the television screen. Nearly 500,000 people signed on, a move that spurred Trans TV. rushed out to apologize in the case of inviting this singer to appear on a talk show after being released

Trans TV station It was the first television station to invite Ceful Jamil to appear on the program, bringing fierce criticism.

Indonesian Broadcasting and Broadcasting Commission has issued orders to various television channels Any programs that celebrate the release of the former singer are prohibited.

People on social media post comments. lament that the celebration of such release It was a disregard for the suffering that the victims of Ceful Jamil had to face.

Ceful Jamil was sentenced to three years in prison in July 2017 for sexually abusing a young woman. But in the Court of Appeal, the sentence was increased to five years in prison.

He was also found guilty of attempting to bribe a court official of 50 million rupiah (about $3,500) and was sentenced to three years in prison for the offense.

Such penalties are gross penalties. But he was later reduced to good behavior.

Head of Sipinang Prison Ceful Jamil detention center said the singer had changed a lot while serving his sentence in detention.