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    to the external

    Books are the ladder of human progress - Gorky. I am a book fan, this should not be a shame. It is quite awkward to say in the book - because I always read books. This has led me to know what books I read, but I don��t want to be refined. I like reading books when I was very young, especially those fairy tales. After reading the book, I can tell a lot of stories. Whenever I play with my friends Cheap Cigarettes, I will always be in a dominant position. why? Because you disagree with my point of view, then I will not tell you a story, this is my "trump card". I like the feeling of being held high in a group of friends. This is the first step in my development of a "nerd". Gradually I prefer reading. This may be a habit��I read books when I have time, and I have to read books when I have no time. I read books when I was in class, read books while eating, read books before going to bed, read books while doing homework, and watch a while while I woke up. Because of this, I only put on a thick "bottom". I am taller than my peers because I often only eat eggs, milk and bread for breakfast Parliament Cigarettes. This is also to save time, so I have time to read the book. When I read the book, it was very weird. In the words of Xiaolin, it was said that ��not having�� the creature responded to the external stimulus. I often learned through friends afterwards: Today, A hit me again when I was reading, and B made a small gesture behind me... Hey, there are so many things like this. But more importantly: I have no feeling at all! The result was that the boys who played the "truthful adventure" specially picked me up when I was reading Online Cigarettes. I remember once again, I was so angry that "Is this girl really bullied?" The boys answered me in unison: "Well!" Hey, forget it, I can't feel it anyway, let them go, but I read it. At the time, there are still biometrics. For example: the creature needs material and energy. I am still relatively quiet in normal times, but when I read the book, it changed: when I saw the book, my eyes turned green, and then I would be anxious to open the book, reading lines and sentences. It is said that at that time, I was like a wolf who had been hungry for three days and three nights. I saw a fat little lamb and then rushed forward, and the breathable lamb was torn open and swallowed. That's how I read. I am such a "nerd", such a "small book fan."
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    Cevap: to the external

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