Question: 1

An HP Comware switch is controlled by a team of HP VAN SDN Controllers. The controllers have these roles within the region that contains the switch.
Controller 1 = Master
Controller 2 Primary slave
Controller 3 =Secondary slave
A failed network connection causes Controller 1 to lose contact with the switch. Controller 2 and Controller 3 can still reach all the controlled devices. Controller 1 is still up and has contact with other controllers and switches. How does the team handle this situation?

A. Controller 1 Erik McCoy Authentic Jersey , as master, contacts OpenFlow-enabled devices near the switch and attempts to repair the connection.
roller 2 becomes the master for this switch Alvin Kamara Authentic Jersey , although Controller 1 remains master for other switches.
C. Controller 1, as master Marshon Lattimore Authentic Jersey , removes the switch from any active flows and sends updated flows to Controller 2 andController 3.
roller 2 becomes the master for all switches in the region, and Controller 1 becomes the primary slave for the region.

Answer: B

Question: 2

Refer to Exhibits:

The switch and server will transmit Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) traffic on the Ethernet link. If congestion occurs Tre'Quan Smith Authentic Jersey , the devices should pause the FCoEtransmissions rather than drop them. What must the network administrator do on interface Ten-GigabitEthemet 102 to enable this behavior?

A. Enable Enhanced Traffic Selection (ETS) TLVs.
gn the QoS policy as an inbound policy.
C. Set the priority flow control no-drop queue to 802.1p3.
igure queue3 as a strict priority (sp or groupO) queue.

Answer: C

Question: 3

Which technology is best suited for isolating tenants within a data center that must support many tenants?



Answer: B

Question: 4

An HP Comware switch has four MDCs defined on it. Network administrators need to set up SSH access to each MDC and want to use the Management-Ethernet interface for that purpose. What is a valid configuration?

A. The same Management-Ethernet interface is assigned to each MDC. Each MDC assigns the same IP address to this interface.
Management-Ethernet interface is divided into four subinterfaces, each of which is assigned to an MDC. Each MDC assigns a different IP address to its subinterface.
C. The same Management-Ethernet interface is assigned to each MDC. Each MDC assigns a different IP address to this interface.
Management-Ethernet interface is divided into four subinterfaces Marcus Davenport Authentic Jersey , each of which is assigned to an MDC. Each MDC assigns the same IP address to its subinterface.

Answer: A

Question: 5

A company has a data center, which hosts production services Michael Thomas Authentic Jersey , as well as development and quality assurance services. The network infrastructure for all services should be isolated. The company also needs a highly available, resilient large Layer 2 network for each set of services.
What are two technologies that could be combined for the data center Layer 2 solution?

and VPLS

Answer: A

Question: 6

A company is using HP Network Visualizer to monitor traffic transmitted and received by users in specific Active Directory user groups. The company wants to send traffic to a different server from the controller and have that server store the captured packets i n PCAP format. How would the network administrator configure this solution to meet these requirements?

A. by setting up a remote mirroring session
setting the destination server's IP address in the capture session
C. by setting up a managed remote destination
setting up a remote syslog server to receive controller log messages

Answer: B

Question: 7

Refer to Exhibit:

The switches in the exhibit are using SPBM. An administrator wants to send CustomerA traffic directly over the new link Drew Brees Authentic Jersey , shown by the dotted line in the exhibit,as a premium service for that customer. The existing links will be used for backup. The new link is reserved for CustomerA traffic.
How does the administrator set up Switch 1 to help to achieve this goal?

A. by assigning the CustomerA interfaces and the specific links in the path to the same S-VLAN ID
creating a PW connection between Switch 1 and Switch 3 Womens Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Jersey , and mapping the CustomerA service instance to that PW
C. by setting up a new B-VLAN and assigning it to the new link and the backup links, and mapping the CustomerA l-SID to that B-VLAN
changing the CustomerA l-SID 255 and defining the interface for the reserved link as the priority path inl-SID 255

Answer: C

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