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    Chicken Raising Equipment manufacturers

    Automatic Egg collection type chicken nests
    2.5mm thick steel plate is used in the head of the egg picking machine.The stability of the equipment is guaranteed.
    1.Product introduction
    Hot-dip galvanizing process for egg picking machine,Improve the service life of the product.Automation equipment improves the efficiency of the chicken house.
    2.Product specification
    Modeltiers and doorscell size(mm)unit size(mm)Birds Qty
    3.Product feature and Application
    1)The structure of the cage is simple and easy to operate
    2)The automatic egg picking machine saves a lot of money.
    3)The breakage rate of eggs is greatly reduced
    4.Product details
    1)Italy imported egg collecting belt
    2)The right angle of the egg net
    3)High quality trough prolong service life
    5.Deliver ,shipping and serving
    Packaging Details: packing in bundle or cartons,standard export sea worthy packaging.
    Port: Qingdao Port
    Lead Time: 30 days after payment received
    6.Drawing of A Type Layer Raising Equipment Explanation:

    In a house of 86.5m*15.5m*3.7m, 4lines of 4 tiers equipment can be installed with 40 units of cages each line, and total birds quantity can reach 19200 .
    Q: Are you the direct manufacturer or trading company?
    A: We are the direct manufacturer for more than 30 years. Q: Can the products be customized?
    A: We can produce the products according to your detailed requirements.
    Q: What about your after-sale service
    A: We have a professional technical team to solve the problem for you
    Q: Can the price be also favorable?
    A: According to the quantity you need, you can give the appropriate discount
    If you have other questions,please contact us in time.Look forward to working with youChicken Raising Equipment manufacturers

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    Cevap: Chicken Raising Equipment manufacturers

    Today automatic machines are frequently used and these are pretty effective as well. The number of poultry farms owners using such machines for the productions of products fast. The essayhave reviews update here about the chicken raising machines update really thoughtful.

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