MMO is a huge and intimidating game. You may think that they want to do everything in their power to attract new players, but as I discovered, World of Warcraft seems extremely indifferent to the first impression. Thanks to the free trial period highlighting its tedious aspects, the proposal of abstract value and the extremely high purchase price, WoW Classic Gold is a nightmare in which you can introduce my friends.

I say this sentence so much that I started to hate him. Intrigued by our constant journey, Kevin decided to try the free trial version of World of Warcraft, which allows him to play the character up to level 20 without time limits. At first glance, it may seem like a great way to see what World of Warcraft is, but here's the problem: the first levels of World of Warcraft are its most boring and annoying problem - the problem of saying everything, shared almost every MMO.

When Kevin joins himself to play for the first time, he has no chance to know the stories and legends I hear about. He will not be able to fight epic monsters or explore difficult dungeons. Shit, Kevin will barely have the opportunity to experience the impressive technical improvements that World of Warcraft has made over the years, making his world more entertaining and fun than ever before. Because the content of the World of Warcraft update was rebuilt during Cataclysm expansion in 2010, Kevin got stuck eight years ago and uses some drop feeding techniques to kill gnolls. This is not a good first impression.

And look, I understand. The reason this monster is epic is that it took me several hours to get there. This dungeon is difficult because I've mastered the fight and Blizzard can push me to the end. I was on my hero's journey, from a small puppy to a wild wolf, and this is something that can not be hurried. But here's the thing: you can absolutely. World of Warcraft has been selling level upgrades for years (a free offer comes with each new extension) that avoids this trip and get to good things. And you know what? My satisfaction with the end of the game World of Warcraft did not diminish for any of the characters that I aroused Buy WoW Classic Items. Travel is an important part of what makes World of Warcraft attractive, but it is important not to start traveling.