Short hair, big eyes, straight nose, thin lips, always with a big smile on my face, this is my same table - Chen Chen.lways lends a helping hand when others need help.econd class on Thursday morning was an art class. I forgot to bring a watercolor pen. I just had to go home to take it. I haven��t stepped out of the classroom door. The bells are ready to ring in class. What can I do? I hurriedly turned to borrow the watercolor pen from the male student sitting behind, but I saw the body language of their shaking their heads. Chen Chen, who was almost late, hurried into the classroom Cartons Of Marlboro Red 100S. He just sat down and saw that I was in a hurry Newport Cartons Sold In Kentucky. He asked: "Zhang Xuelin, what's wrong with you, need help?" I stuttered and said: "I... I forgot to bring a watercolor pen." I still blame myself for losing my mind. Chen Chen listened to nothing and said, took out the watercolor pen in the middle of the desk, smiled and said to me: "Let's use it together." I was very touched Marlboro Red Extrea Shorts. I used a grateful look at him from time to time to see him. From then on, I liked my good table ather time when I was in math class, I was completely ignorant of the knowledge that the teacher told me. When I was working, I was confused by a difficult problem Buy Cigarettes Online Newport 100'S. I turned around and looked at Chen Chen helplessly and found that he had finished. I thought, if I asked him to help me, I felt very faceless. So, I held the pen and fell into meditation. Chen Chen found out what I was, and gently asked: "What?" I muttered and said: "I am a bit difficult with this topic." He said, "I will tell you." He explained to me. The idea is to tell me that I have to listen to the class. At this time, I felt that my face was burning, and the unspeakable taste rose. is my same table, the example I am learning. During the summer vacation, my father borrowed a solid ball from the school to exercise my arm strength. The little friends who saw this solid ball were very curious, and they wanted to compare the strength of the test. One of them made a referee and used a brick to draw a line in the place we threw to see who was strong. My friends and I have made a lot of milking. The first round is over. I am not far away, only four meters. Half of the partners were thrown farther than me, and I was not convinced at the time. Asking for another comparison, a few rounds have gone down, but it still does not help. I thought at the time: I am the biggest among the partners, weighing 40 pounds, should be the leader, how can this be? At that time, my heart was secretly determined: I must throw the solid ball away and let them see my day on, my father and I insisted on throwing a solid ball every day. After ten days, when I picked up the solid ball again Marlboro Red 100S Pack Price Online, I felt that there was a strong body in the body, and the solid ball seemed to be light. I told my father, Dad said to me: "This must be the strength of the big, and I will throw it and throw it." I hugged the solid ball with my hands and raised my head. The two legs were forked and the eyes were looking forward. , gave up all the strength and threw it forward. Wow! Five meters away! More than all the records of the small partners! I can't believe my eyes, hahaha! Successful! I am ecstatic! I think: If you follow this rising speed, after a year and a half, maybe I will catch up with my dad! I changed my mind again: Isn't learning like this? As long as there is such a spirit of perseverance and diligence inturns out that the secret to driving me to success is to keep exercising! I have benefited a lot!